Law firm Novosel

Law firm Karlo Novosel, founded in 2008, ensures services and support in all legal areas. What has become our imperative in providing services is individual approach and complete professional concentration on each client and legal procedure. Law firm Karlo Novosel provides legal services and consultancy for individuals, legal entities, organizations and companies from various fields, multinational companies and international organizations.

Expansion of Croatian market towards Europe and world has brought us dynamic business surrounding and cooperation with numerous foreign clients as well as the international organizations which have met us with the new challenges to which we have responded readily and as true experts.

Top legal services in various law fields and individual approach to each case guarantee success and contentment of all our clients.


Law firm Karlo Novosel Radnička cesta 32, Zagreb

t. + 385 1 4830 383
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f. + 385 1 48 31 553


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