Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In which law fields does your law firm provide legal services?

Long-term experience has assured us that a client needs quick but complete service. Thus, our law firm provides legal services in all fields of law, especially in the civil law.

How to arrange the first meeting?

Adopting the modern business postulate, our law firm does its maximum to meet the needs and possibilities of every client.

Having this in mind, we did not define fixed working hours for all clients but we arrange the time that suits our client the most. You can arrange meeting by contacting us on our phone number, by email or by web contact.

How much do we need to wait for the first meeting and/or taking over the case?

We devote our time to each case equally and thus we do our best to be professional and successful at taking over the case.

We reply to your written questions within 24 hours and we arrange the first meetings within few working days depending on the urgency.

If the case and its matter allows so, we can have an online contact and take over the case this way as well (mail, skype, viber and so on).

What is the procedure when taking over the case?

In order to make this process easier we have prepared the forms which have to be filled and delivered/handed over to our law firm, and they can be filled by the client at the first meeting or delivered in some different way.

Forms collect personal data about the client, data about the case and authorization for our law firm to represent you furthermore in the case.

According to the Attorneys’ Code of Ethics:

“…If the attorney has been contacted by a party already represented by a different attorney, he is obliged to inform that attorney….”

“…An attorney cannot represent a client already represented by a different attorney before revoking POA to the previous attorney…”.

Do you provide legal services to clients only within the Zagreb area or in the whole Croatia?

We provide legal services for the entire area of the Republic of Croatia.

Do you provide legal services outside the Republic of Croatia?

We provide legal services outside the Republic of Croatia with restrictions defined by the Attorneys’ Act and regulations of the Croatian Bar Association.

If our law firm wasn’t authorised to provide legal services overseas or concerning a case of the international matter and this due to the above mentioned restrictions, the client will be referred to our cooperative law firm in desired country.

Do you provide legal services to foreigners?

Our law firm provides legal services to both Croatian citizens and foreigners.

What are the prices of your services and payment options?

Attorney’s fee for the legal services provided by the attorney’s in the Republic of Croatia is defined by the Attorney fee schedule and cost compensation:

The attorney’s fee can be settled by money transfer or by Pay Pal.

Do we pay the first meeting?

If the subject of the meeting is taking a new case, the meeting is free of charge.

Attorney’s fee has to be settled for providing oral legal opinions or discussing special facts and legal matters.

If necessary, can you recommend services of the  Notary Public, translator, Court interpreters, accountant, etc.?

While providing our services we have noticed the need to provide to our clients the services which are not within attorneys’ scope of activities prescribed by the Attorney’s Act.

Therefore we cooperate with external experts who are a part of our expended team.


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